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Gnomercy Podcast is an actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast with friends that have known each other for almost two decades. The group learns how to play the game, learns how to handle this podcast thing, and grows into a story that balances humor, quirkiness, and character background driven role playing.

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TJ Time says:

The group starts off really starting to feel each other out and learn the game. You're not going to get into a highly explosive episode right off the bat, but the team builds their chemistry and familiarity with the game over time. Some episodes are humor heavy, while others a little heavier on the drama. It's a nice podcast, and I recommend giving ita try through the first five episodes, as that's when it really starts to kick into higher gear.

Ballad of the Seven Dice says:

 This merry group is a great bunch to hop on board with if you feel like learning the game along with the players. The first thing you can feel off the hop is the chemistry that brings these people together, you can tell they've all been friends for some time and are just having a blast playing this game together. As the story progresses you can really feel the work the DM put into this story as it starts to solidify around the characters and the tone changes from a goofy adventure to a more serious story. Don't let that worry you, they still bring the goofs, but as a result the DM Taylor helps them bring in an even better roleplaying experience. With music and ambiance put into the mix, this podcast has really evolved into a great story that is easy to listen to. So if you're looking for a new story to start where you can feel the joy from their "Table" get transferred to you then you've come to the right place, start listening! 

E.L.T. says:

Podcasts are great for heading to and from work- glad I found this one thanks to Twitter @dear_erin @GnomercyPodcast

JonathanWJ-L says:

 This is a pretty funny DnD podcast. You can tell they are all good friends. Worth it once you get into it. 

Agedexpressions says:

Just started listening. Looking forward to where the crew goes. Fun and quirky.

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